Camp Integem: Holographic Augmented Reality Coding, STEM, AI, Art & Design

Camp Integem: AR Coding, STEM, AI, Art & Design at Cupertino

21370 Homestead Road , Cupertino, CA 95014
5.0 3 Reviews
Dec 28 2021
My kids liked their in-person Augmented reality camp. My daughter (6 yr) went to the AR coding and game design camp for Junior, and my son (14 yr) went to the Digital Art and animation camp for teen. They both enjoyed the learning experience and made a lot of progress. Especially my son is much more confident about his technology skills and would like to try Integem AR Coding camp just after two-weeks of 3D AR digital Art and animation camp. I am glad I sent my daughter to AR coding camp now to help build her confidence in her coding and creative skills. I wish I had sent my son to this camp couple of years ago so he would have been in much better shape.

Dec 28 2021
My two teenagers enjoyed the 3D AR coding and game design summer camp. In particular, they loved to create their own designs and code their own AR projects. The first couple days were boring for them since they just follow step-by-step coding to learn the basics. But they really get very engaged in coming up with their own. It was fun to see their demos on Friday.

Dec 28 2021
My three kids loved the 3D AR coding and game design camp. They enjoyed the activities and lunch. They will love to do more with the continuous learning programs.