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iSPACE STEM: Astro-Adventures Camp

Camp Description

Explore the wonders of the Universe and the excitement of space exploration as you create your own star constellation, learn about the color spectrum and experiment with SUNsational Light. Venture out beyond our Earth and have fun bombarding the Moon with craters and uncover the mystery of why the Moon seems to change its shape. Learn about astronaut suits and gloves, explore real space food, experiment with a handmade Candarm End-Effector and fly your handmade hoopster through the target!

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Camp Information

iSPACE STEM: Astro-Adventures Camp
10:00 to 12:00
6-8 years
Resident Discount.
Please call to discuss any special needs.
Lucinda Lewellyn , Camp Director
411 Wessel Dr Fairfield OH 45014