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Did you know?
On average, students lose 2 months of knowledge during the summer…

Children are at risk of losing more than just academic knowledge during the summer months, physical fitness levels also take a hit…

Children need a break from the school routine, but also experiencing quality learning opportunities during the summer months can fundamentally change their long-term success in school.

This summer disconnect from screens and get back to playing, learning, and exploring.

Integration Station's Half-Day Sensational Summer Camp bundles three programs into one amazing camp. Our programs include Social Skills, Handwriting, and Sensory Feeding/Picky Eating. The programs are led by occupational therapists and are packed full of fun and creativity. The camp is designed to enhance the necessary skills that boost success at home and in school!

The Sensational Social Skills program, is designed to improve executive functioning, regulation and social interaction. Various themes are incorporated to expand social-emotional skills in addition to supporting enhanced executive functioning abilities. The group is designed to build confidence and positive peer relationships through modeling, guided facilitation, and practice opportunities using interactive games and shared discussions. Children enhance self-control, self-esteem, emotional awareness, basic problem-solving skills, and gain long lasting friendships.

The handwriting programs place emphasis on letter recognition, formation and improvement with fine and visual motor skills. Children learn through singing, movement, and tactile exploration while participating in activities to enhance memory, starting position, orientation, and formation. The camp’s progression is designed to introduce simple letters before moving onto more complex letter formation. Each session targets specific letters in the learning sequence. Our handwriting programs incorporate the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.

The Sensory Feeding/Picky Eaters program ends each camp day with food exploration and science. It is important that young children develop age appropriate feeding skills needed for adequate growth and nutrition. Depending on your chosen session and the age of your child, they will participate in one of two sensory feeding programs, either Food Fun For Tots! or Becoming a Food Scientist.

Our feeding program follows the principles of the SOS Approach to Feeding which guides the child through food exploration for a more enjoyable mealtime. The programs are designed to broaden acceptance of new or undesired foods and improve oral motor feeding skills. Children explore foods in a creative and relaxed atmosphere with the support of peers. The SOS trained, occupational therapist provides multi-sensory experiences such as feeling, smelling and tasting various foods during each session.

Integration Station's Sensational Summer Programs:
-designed for 4-8 year olds
-provide structured lessons with one-on-one opportunities
-allow for flexibility to choose one or all programs
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Camp Information
06/14/20 to 06/25/20
07/05/20 to 07/16/20
07/19/20 to 07/30/20
08/02/20 to 08/13/20
Half Day

8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
4 to 8 years
Pre-K to 2nd
Full Price: $700.00



ADHD or Similar, Autism or Related, Cognitive Disability, Disabilities, Downs Syndrome, Other Needs, Speech or Language Impairment

Camp therapists specialize in working with children experiencing a variety of learning differences.

Opens: 03/01/2021

Closes: 07/25/2021

Nicole Cyphert , Director

2110 Ben Craig Drive, Ste 300 Charlotte NC 28262