Academy of Eagle TaeKwonDo

Sports and TaeKwonDo Summer Camp

Camp Description
This is not regular summer camp. We introduce our campers to character-building TaeKwonDo while stressing the TaeKwonDo philosophy of cooperation and personal best in a variety of other sports and FUN, FUN, FUN.

Call (704) 541-9400 for appointment

Daily TaeKwonDo Class Weekly Swimming Bowling
3-Step Dodge Ball CAROWINDS Different Dances
Variations of Tag Water Balloons Pro Golf Lessons
Park Road Park William Davie Park Batting Cages
Basketball Soccer Arcade
Tour of Pineville Fire House Tour of Pineville Police Station
Even a Little Time Each Day for Quiet Activities Including
Reading, Summer Homework, if parents desire.
Puzzles, Board Games, Legos, etc.
No more than 1 DVD a day (G or PG)
Drawing, Arts & Crafts and Fun Projects.

Students will need a Carowinds Pass.
Field Trips at no extra charge.

Fresh fruit snacks provided twice a day.
$25 Registration $185 a week.
Sibling Discounts and Scholarships available.
Call (704) 541-9400 for appointment

We look forward to hosting your Sports and TaeKwonDo Summer Camp again this year where kids learn basics of TaeKwonDo and many other sports in a fun and supportive environment. This could be just the ticket this Summer!
No other camp stresses these TaeKwonDo virtues:
• Respect for Self and Others . . .
• Concentration and Focus . . .
• Physical Fitness . . .
• Mental Discipline . . .
• Cooperation . . .
• Good Sportsmanship . . .
• Leadership . . .
• Self-Defense . . .
. . . all leading to Self-Confidence

We stress “Personal Best” rather than “Win at any cost”. We help campers learn this fundamental philosophy of TaeKwonDo in all the camp activities while making many new friends and having lots of FUN.
Send your child to be a part of Eagle TaeKwonDo Summer Sports Camp and experience the positive attitudes and motivation that will help them be their personal best!

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to help you on a personal basis.

W.D. Grady

Headmaster W.D. Grady founded Eagle TaeKwonDo Academy in 1992 and began the Sports and TaeKwonDo Summer Camp in 2001.
“Parents and teachers attribute the Eagle TaeKwonDo system with improved grades and behavior,” Headmaster Grady said.
Headmaster Grady’s staff are the most qualified and certified TaeKwonDo instructors. Master Instructor Janeth Salinas, RN; Assistant Master Instructor Lisa Petrin, CMS Teacher; and Orientation Instructor Miya Broughton provide leadership in the daily activities of the camp. We truly look forward to sharing our Summer Camp Sports experience and TaeKwonDo knowledge with the campers.

Parents drop off your child between 7:30 and 9:00 am with a lunch. Please send no food OR DRINKS with high fructose corn syrup or refined sugar. We want to help our campers develop good behavior habits.

Help us keep honest campers honest by prohibiting your child from bringing anything that often cause temptation or trouble such as:
cards of any kind
cell Phones
other electronics
expensive jewelry
other valuables

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Camp Information
06/11/18 to 06/15/18
06/18/18 to 06/22/18
06/25/18 to 06/29/18
07/02/18 to 07/06/18
07/09/18 to 07/13/18
07/16/18 to 07/20/18
07/23/18 to 07/27/18
07/30/18 to 08/03/18
08/06/18 to 08/10/18
08/13/18 to 08/17/18
08/20/18 to 08/24/18
Full Day

7:30 AM to 6:00 PM
5 to 12 years
Full Price: $185.00
Sibling Price: $176.00
Sibling Price: $150.00


Sibling discount: 10% Off ($176) for 2nd, 20% Off ($150) for 3rd. July 2-6:$160 (CLOSED July 4th) Scholarships available


Drop-Off 7:30-9 am; Pick-Up 5-6 pm. Pick-Up. Extended Pick-Up till 6:30 pm: + $12 a week

PLEASE send no food with Refined Sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup! We give 2 Fresh Fruit Snacks/day


ADHD or Similar, Diabetes, Disabilities, Food Allergies, Hearing Impaired, Other Needs, Vision Impaired

We team w/parents & physicians to help some special needs campers, tho only moderate ADHD or similar

Opens: 04/01/2018

Closes: 08/29/2018

William Grady , Headmaster

8326 Pineville-Matthews Rd Charlotte NC 28226