Dayton International Peace Museum

2018 DIPM Kids for Peace Camp

Camp Description
“Kids for Peace”

Monday – Thursday, June 18– June 21, 2018 9:00 a.m. - 12:15 noon

Friday, June 22, 2018 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

The Dayton International Peace Museum's (DIPM) Peace Camp is in its 11th year. Each year the theme and focus is on peacebuilding. Our goal is to teach peacebuilding skills that our young children (“Kids for Peace”) can apply during Peace Camp and take home with them to practice in their daily lives. Each day has a theme and “Kids Peace” lesson and a message which are interwoven throughout every component of camp. This year's theme for the week is “Bodies for Peace: How we can awaken the natural wisdom of our bodies to bring healing and peace to ourselves and the world?”

The age range for the 2018 Peace Camp is age 5 through 6th grade. Our Peace Campers are placed in age groups with grade levels in mind. Each group will be mentored by a high school or college student who will be leading their group to five different areas: Lesson, Snack, Cooperative Games and Activities, Music and Arts & Crafts. Each area is coordinated and led by two lead teachers. All teachers and mentors are volunteers who have experience the Dayton International Peace Museums Peace Camp and who know what it means to practice peace. Special guests may include: Musicians, Yoga Instructors, Dance Teachers and Transformational Breathing Experts, etc. The special guests will provide additional opportunities for our youth to experience how the natural wisdom of our bodies can bring healing and peace to themselves, their families, their communities and the world!!!

The quote for the week is: “And who will plant the dreams in the minds of the children? Who will keep their dreams alive and see that they come true? And who will be the love in the hearts of the children? Tell me is it you, Is it I? And when will we?” (Faces of the Children, Sherman)

Our Daily Themes include:

Day I: Heart Wisdom: How can repaying violence with love and respect, and not more violence, lead us to a place of hope and a reimagined world? (Changing the narrative on violence)

Day II: Our Bodies Grounded and Centered: How can communicating with your inner essence, sacred core, or divine presence through art, dance, music, breathing, meditation, yoga, and nutrition, etc. allow us to “burst forth” into the world with new energy and a peaceful consciousness? (Grounded)

Day III: Taste and See and Listen and Touch: How can we use all of our senses to fully partake in joy, beauty, suffering, and the natural wonders of our world and universe? (Awakening our senses)

Day IV: We are the Eyes, Hands, and Voices of Peace: What will be your call to service? ‘To know me is to know the poor” the prophets of old shouted out. With whom will you break bread? Whose feet are you willing to wash? By whose bed will you sit? (Humble Service)

Day V: We celebrate today with our children and we honor their journey of peace. We thank all who have come before us with peace in their hearts and all those determined to use their bodies in loving and kind ways in the world. We are grateful for our Peace Camp parents who teach their children well and for all the founders and volunteers who make the Peace Museum a place of teaching and hope. We break bread today and sing and dance to express our deep hope and longing for a peaceful world. (Celebration and Thanksgiving) Parents/guardians are invited to join in the celebration.

The DIPM Peace Camp provides a safe place for children to come together and imagine a world where peace is possible. We teach peacebuilding skills which emphasize compassionate listening, kindness, and communication with an open heart. We incorporate activities that provide opportunities to practice peace every day with the understanding that we are all human and make mistakes. We each have the freedom to choose what we do with those experiences and we each have the capacity to make choices that help us heal, grow, and learn from those mistakes!

*Each year we collect items for a local organization in need and have a “Kids for Peace” Bake Sale to raise money to help children around the world go to school. These two things provide our young Peacebuilders an opportunity to perform random acts of kindness and to learn about the importance of giving back to our community and people around the world in need.

For more information and to register call or visit the Dayton International Peace Museum (DIPM) 208 W. Monument Ave. • Dayton, OH 45402 (937-227-3223) Open Wednesday - Sunday, 1 - 5 PM.

You may also register online @ or complete and return with registration fee to DIPM. Please complete one registration form and one emergency form per child.

Registration begins Saturday, March 10th and ends Saturday, June 9th. All necessary forms and fees must be completed and received by June 9th. Space is limited and there will be no same day registration this year.

Registration fee - $30 per child. Scholarships are available.

Parent Reviews
Heather Shively
Mar 22 2017
Last year my daughters attended this camp for the first time. They absolutely loved it and told me at the end of the summer it was their favorite camp of the entire summer! I felt like they learned very valuable lessons and had excellent role models leading them to show them how to be caring, pro-social human beings. Every day we had great conversations about what they had talked about during their group discussions/lessons. The atmosphere was inclusive and diverse. I was impressed and am looking forward to sending them again.
Camp Information
06/18/18 to 06/22/18
Half Day

9:00 AM to 12:15 PM
5 to 12 years
K to 6th
Full Price: $30.00


Scholarships are available



Please call to discuss special needs accommodations with camp director

Opens: 03/10/2018

Closes: 06/09/2018

Mrs. Bev Titus , Camp Director

208 W Monument Ave Dayton OH 45402