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Mad Scientists Summer Camp - East Amherst

Camp Description
Mad Scientists Summer Camp
July 1 - July 5, 2024
9:00am - 12:00pm
East Amherst
Mr. Dan D.

At Mad Scientists Camp, the world is yours to explore! Our junior scientists will explore and experience real-life science through hands-on experiments, activities, and games. Campers will have a blast participating in a diffusion rainbow experiment, mixing up magnetic mud, crushing a can with air pressure, and even making gross bacteria Jello treats to tease our taste buds with. You won't want to miss this camp. At Mad Scientists Camp, our motto is go BIG or go home!

Monday, July 1st

Science: Glow Germs
Art: Make Germs Scatter
Cooperative Learning: Germ Noodle Tag
Culinary Arts: Bacteria Jello Treats

Tuesday, July 2nd

Math: Magnetic Classification
Science: Magnetic Mud Experiment
Art: Magnet Paintings
Cooperative Learning: Magnet Self Discovery Using Iron Filings And Magnetic Fluid

Wednesday, July 3rd
Air Pressure

ELA: “When Charlie McButton Lost Power” Read Aloud
Science: Crushing Cans Air Pressure Experiment
Art: Bernoulli's Theorem (Principle) Ping Pong Experiment
Cooperative Learning: Air Pressure Bottle Experiment


Friday, July 5th

ELA: “Cece Loves Science” Read Aloud
Math: Science Graphing
Science: Diffusion Rainbow Experiment
Art: Diffusion Art Experiment
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Camp Information
07/01/24 to 07/05/24
Half Day

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
3 to 10 years
Full Price: $36.00

20% off for the month of March, 15% off for the month of April, 10% off for the month of May


8 am, 8:30 am early drop-off 4 pm, 4:30 pm late pick up

Campers staying for an AM and PM camp bring a lunch to each in between sessions.

Colleen McNamara , President & CEO

6725 Transit Road East Amherst NY 14051