Camp Integem: Holographic Augmented Reality Coding, STEM, AI, Art & Design

Camp Integem: AR Coding, STEM, AI, Art & Design at Los Gatos

Camp Description
Camp Integem is #1 AR camp for kids and teens (ages 5-18).
Take summer camp… and make it magic. Camp Integem is a unique experience for K-12 students who love STEM, Art, Coding, AI, Design, Fashion, Animation, or Gaming to turn your imagination into cutting-edging designs. Teleport into your creation to experience the magic of your Holographic AR design and prepare you for future success, all the while having a lot of fun.

No prior computer, art or design knowledge is needed. Small classes with experienced instructors to provide personalized education.

Students can select classes based on their grades: Grades K-1, Grades 1-3, Grades 3-5, Grades 5-8, and Grades 9-12. Students will learn holographic AR Coding, STEM, AI, Art, animation, game design, 3D modeling, fashion, design, interactive storytelling, space exploration, nature exploration and more.
The camp alternates class time with indoor activities, and outdoor playtime to keep campers on their toes and having fun.

Since 2018, we've taught K-12 students from more than 20 countries in-person or online. Thousands of students from over 200 local schools have joined our on-site programs in the Bay Area.

We take safety seriously. During Summers 2020 and 2021, thousands of the Bay Area students have enjoyed our in-person summer camps, and none has reported a case of COVID-19.

Spaces are limited to keep it fun, educational, and healthy.

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Camp phone: (408) 459-0657
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Parent Reviews
Dec 28 2021
My 8 years old son attended the Space Voyagers camp last year and it was their end of summer session. He loved the experiences. Holographic AR design blows our mind about how kids now can learn such advanced technology at such a young age. Both my husband and I were graduate educated and work at tech companies. I was doubt about how much my son can learn at beginning. I was amazed about Integem curriculum and great teachers. My son demoed his project on Friday and it was a very interesting project. Each student did different projects. This is the only coding camp that students are truly learning to design program their own projects. My son wants to learn more this year. They also have very fun outdoor activities.
Dec 28 2021
Holographic AR first got my attention by the summer camp provided by Integem. I was impressed by the new concepts and interactive learning and thinking processes. Using this technology, kids can see themselves into their imaginative virtual reality easily and productively. It’s full of fun during their learning, creative thinking and hands-on modeling. When registering I wished that my son Andrew would benefit and learn from such a thrilling technology and have a lot fun at the camp. That’s the reason I registered him to Holographic AR without any hesitation. In fact, when Andrew came home, he was fully satisfied with his experience and he felt he had achieved a lot at camp.
Camp Information
06/06/22 to 08/05/22
Full Day

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
5 to 18 years
K to 12th+
Full Price: $459.00

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Opens: 12/28/2021

Closes: 08/05/2022

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