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Ball Handling, Shooting & Decision-Making Camp - Pensacola, FL

Camp Description
Breakthrough Basketball provides skill development camps across the country for Kindergarten through 12th grade boys & girls. Skill levels, grade, and genders are separated.

Ball Handling, Shooting & Decision-Making Camp is for players in grades 7th – 12th.

What is Zero Seconds Training?
In this camp you will improve your overall skills like ball handling and shooting -- however a big emphasis of the camp will be "decision making"...
Players will learn when to pass, when to shoot, when to dribble, when to drive, angles to take, how to be more aggressive, and more.

The Zero Seconds methods will:
• Train the mind of players to make faster decisions within the practice environment
• Improve the ability to think and act in decisive ways
• Develop a confident attacking mindset
• Learn how to train your mind not just physical skills
• Identification, cause and correction of the most common fundamental errors
• Knowledge of the skills necessary to catch, shoot, dribble and attack on offense
• Game - like understanding of the application of perimeter offensive skills

During the camp, Coach will use decision training drills and rhythm clapping to enhance the teaching of basketball's most important offensive skills - shooting, passing, dribbling and 1 on 1 moves. Combining decision training with rhythmic clapping enhances the learning experience for the player due to:
• Increases in motivation
• Stimulation of creativity
• Development of an awareness of basketball rhythm
• Repetition of all the fundamentals without getting bored
• Work is done with effortless concentration
• Development and refinement of basketball skills at game speed
• Awareness of the continual possibility of improvement

Coaches will promote a fun and safe environment that encourages positive and purposeful learning experiences

Unique Camp that Gets Results
As you can see, this is a unique camp that will be unlike other camps you've been to. The use of Zero Seconds methods, and coach's unique style, makes for a VERY intense yet fun atmosphere.

More than other traditional camps, this camp will provide you with the drills and skills to continue your development beyond your time at camp.Zero Seconds drills will be used to build the ideal camp learning environment.You will learn by doing.We will teach you to consistently and deliberately work to improve your performance.

Who is the Camp For?
This is for SERIOUS basketball players that want to get better.You can play games anywhere, so we focus on things you can't just pick up anywhere. We focus on developing skills that will make you better!

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Camp Information
07/17/24 to 07/19/24
Full Day

9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
7th to 12th
Full Price: $295.00
Early Bird: $236.00

Opens: 01/05/2024

Closes: 07/17/2024

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