Math Olympiad: Your Stepping Stone in Becoming a Math Wizard! - 5 Days | 3 Hrs/Day

Camp Description
Are you ready to become a Math wizard? Or you just love learning Mathematics? In this 5 days online course, students will appreciate and love Mathematics. It will help them understand how numbers are related to each other. This will be their stepping stone towards becoming a Math wizard.

Mathematics deals with the logic of shapes, arrangement, and quantity. It is also the science that deals with numbers and their relations.

Here in Math Camp, students can participate in the olympiad or even prepare to become a Math genius. We will cover several topics (Algebra and Geometry) based on your grade level.

Our classes are designed to build a foundation with every topic that aims to let go of the fear of the students in Mathematics, as well as understand the importance of Math for STEM or STEAM-related subjects.
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Camp Information
05/29/23 to 06/02/23
06/05/23 to 06/09/23
06/12/23 to 06/16/23
06/19/23 to 06/23/23
06/26/23 to 06/30/23
07/03/23 to 07/07/23
07/10/23 to 07/14/23
07/17/23 to 07/21/23
07/24/23 to 07/28/23
07/31/23 to 08/04/23
08/07/23 to 08/11/23
08/14/23 to 08/18/23
08/21/23 to 08/25/23
08/28/23 to 09/01/23

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
6 to 12 years
Full Price: $299.00




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