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DIPM "Star Quest" Peace Camp

Camp Description

Dayton International Peace Museum “Star Quest” Peace Camp
JUNE 19 – JUNE 23, 2017


Monday – Thursday, June 19– June 22, 2017 9:00 a.m. - 12:15 noon

Friday, June 23, 2017 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

The Dayton International Peace Museum's (DIPM) Peace Camp is in its 9th year. Each year the theme and focus are on peacebuilding skills that our campers can apply not only during Peace Camp but also in their daily lives. Each day has a specific objective and Peace message which are interwoven throughout the different components of camp. This year's theme is Peace Heroes, Are You Ready To Go on a Star Quest? What Can the Mysteries of the Cosmos Teach Us about the Ways of Peace? The age range for the 2017 Peace Camp is age 4 through 6th grade. Campers are divided into age groups with a minimum of 2 mentors (high school/college student) leading each group. The groups rotate among the 4 different areas: Lesson Time, Snack and Story Time, Cooperative Games and Activities, and Craft Time. Each of these areas is coordinated and led by 2 lead teachers. All teachers and mentors are volunteers who have experience in the DIPM Peace Camp and in what it means to practice peace. Special guests (musicians, Yoga teacher, Transformational Breathing experts, etc.), provide additional enrichment for our campers.

Our Daily Themes include:
Connectedness: “We are made of star stuff. The cosmos is within us.” What did Carl Sagan mean by these now famous words and what actions toward peace can they inspire in us as Peace Heroes?
Gazing: So, do you want to be a Star gazer? What lessons can we learn from the night sky about love and possibility?
Going on a Journey: What star(s) will you follow? How can we use the stars as our guides to peace?
Glowing lights of peace: How can you glow like the stars in order to become a light of peace in our world?
Celebrating and being grateful for our Peace Heroes and calling all of us to action to promote peace

The DIPM Peace Camp provides a safe place for children to come together and imagine a world where peace is possible. We teach peacebuilding skills which emphasize compassionate listening, being kind, and using language and activities that provide opportunities to practice peace every day with the understanding that we all make mistakes. What is most important is that we learn from those mistakes!

On our last day of camp, we invite families, grandparents and guardians to experience a taste of our Peace Heroes Camp by joining us for a celebration of song, art, sharing a meal together, a short Peace Hero March, and sharing ways we all can promote peace.

*This year we will again make bag or boxes, collect donated items for the Dakota Center in Dayton. This gives our young Peace Heroes an opportunity to perform a random act of kindness and give back to our community members in need.

For more information please call the Dayton International Peace Museum at (937) 227-3223.


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Parent Reviews

Heather Shively
Mar 22 2017
Last year my daughters attended this camp for the first time. They absolutely loved it and told me at the end of the summer it was their favorite camp of the entire summer! I felt like they learned very valuable lessons and had excellent role models leading them to show them how to be caring, pro-social human beings. Every day we had great conversations about what they had talked about during their group discussions/lessons. The atmosphere was inclusive and diverse. I was impressed and am looking forward to sending them again.

Camp Information

DIPM "Star Quest" Peace Camp
9:00 AM to 12:15 PM
4-13 years
Please call to discuss with camp director
Mrs. Bev Titus , Camp Director
208 W Monument Ave Dayton OH 45402